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Natural Cures

The word “cure” requires some degree of definition. There are very few cures in any branch of medicine and, at the end of the day, most “cures” occur as a consequence of the ability of the human organism to engage in its own ability to heal. Conventional medicine has a structure that is questioned by many healthcare consumers, but natural medicine has its own disadvantages and limitations. Popular healthcare books that have promised, miraculous cures have come and gone over the past decade of maximum growth in the dietary supplement industry. Dietary supplements are governed by legislation in the form of “Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act of 1994”. Natures Benefit Inc. does everything it can to comply with this legislation.

Premature or amplified statements about the treatment value of remedies of natural origin hurt the advancement of natural medicine. There have been many examples of this circumstance in the dietary supplement industry over the past two decades. For example, shark cartilage was proposed as a cancer “cure”, and, recently, coral calcium was proposed as a way of “growing a new brain” and curing cancer, lupus and multiple sclerosis”. It is a tragedy that the category of shark cartilage was contaminated and damaged as a dietary supplement by illegal treatment claims. In fact, modern biotechnology research implies that shark cartilage extracts may be beneficial in cancer treatment, in on-going clinical trials in medical centers of excellence.

Many millions of healthcare consumers have used coral calcium and this dietary supplement in the appropriate form is a useful holistic mineral supplement. Not only suffering from treatment claims, coral calcium was sold in fake formats. The same situation may be happening with one of the most ethnobotanical discoveries of the century, in the form of Hoodia gordonii, which seems to have great promise as one of many factors that can assist in weight control. In this latter context, the response to Hoodia from some marketing predators in the dietary supplement industry is to make illegal claims about the treatment of obesity, without concern for the authenticity of the product that they are selling.

Natures Benefit Inc. is doing everything within its power to support the future of natural medicine and the dietary supplement industry.

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